Buddhist India

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G.P. Putnam, 1903 - 332 pages

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Page 331 - SERIES of biographical studies of the lives and work of a number of representative historical characters about whom have gathered the great traditions of the Nations to which they belonged, and who have been accepted, in many instances, as types of the several National ideals. With the life of each typical character will be presented a picture of the National conditions surrounding him during his career. The narratives are the work of writers who are recognized authorities on their several subjects,...
Page 332 - StrachanDavidson. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By Noah Brooks. PRINCE HENRY (OF PORTUGAL) THE NAVIGATOR. By CR Beazley. JULIAN THE PHILOSOPHER. By Alice Gardner. LOUIS XIV. By Arthur HassalL CHARLES XII. By R. Nisbet Bain. LORENZO DE
Page 260 - Some superintend the rivers, measure the land, as is done in Egypt, and inspect the sluices by which water is let out from the main canals into their branches, so that every one may have an equal supply of it.
Page 332 - Hero" will be given one duodecimo volume, handsomely printed in large type, provided with maps and adequately illustrated according to the special requirements of the several subjects. Nos. 1-32, each $1.50 Half leather 1.75 No. 33 and following Nos., each (by mail $1.50, net 1.35) Half leather (by mail, $1.75) net 1.60 For full list of volumes see next page.
Page 332 - Other volumes in preparation are : MOLTKE. By Spencer Wilkinson. JUDAS MACCABEUS. By Israel Abrahams. SOBIESKI. By FA Pollard. ALFRED THE TRUTHTELLER. By Frederick Perry. FREDERICK II. By AL Smith. MARLBOROUGH. By CWC Oman. RICHARD THE LION-HEARTED By TA Archer. WILLIAM THE SILENT. By Ruth Putnam.
Page 261 - They escort them on the way when they leave the country, or, in the event of their dying, forward their property to their relatives. They take care of them when they are sick, and if they die bury them.

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