A Little Book of Songs and Ballads: Gathered from Ancient Musick Books, Ms. and Printed

Front Cover
J. R. Smith, 1851 - 227 pages

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Page 171 - Though green at noon, cut down at night, Shows thy decay; All flesh is hay: Thus think, and smoke tobacco.
Page 201 - From the hag and hungry goblin That into rags would rend ye, All the spirits that stand By the naked man, In the book of moons defend ye! That of your five sound senses ~ You never be forsaken; Nor travel from Yourselves with Tom Abroad, to beg your bacon.
Page 226 - The earthen pipe, so Illy-white, Shows thou art a mortal wight; Even such eone with a small touch — Thus think and drink tobacco. "And when the smoke ascending high. Think on the worldly vanity, Of worldly stuff, 'tis gone with a puff, Thus think and drink tobacco.
Page 205 - With a heart of furious fancies, Whereof I am commander : With a burning spear, And a horse of air, To the wilderness I wander ; With a knight of ghosts and shadows, I summoned am to Tourney : Ten leagues beyond The wide world's end ; Methinks it is no journey...
Page 199 - The sea-man doth not scorn; The usurer to the Devil, and The townsman to the Horn; The huntsman to the White Hart, To the Ship the merchants go; But you that do the Muses love The sign called River Po.
Page 191 - He sigh'd, — and would have drawn stakes. He said it would bear a man for to slide, And laid a hundred pound } The King said it would break, and so it did, For three children there were drown'd. Of which, one's head was from his should — ers stricken, — whose name was John ; Who then cried out as loud as he could
Page 200 - Mad Songs," expressing his surprise that the English should have " more songs and ballads on the subject of madness than any of their neighbours...
Page 175 - Tobacco's a Musician, And in a pipe delighteth ; It descends in a close, Through the organs of the nose, With a relish that inviteth. This makes me sing, So ho, ho ; so ho, ho, boys, Ho boys, sound I loudly ; Earth ne'er did breed Such a jovial weed, Whereof to boast so proudly.
Page 142 - Love will lend wings to follow, And will find out the way. There is no striving To cross his intent, There is no contriving His plots to prevent ; But if once the message greet him, That his true love doth stay, If Death should come and meet him, Love will find out the way.
Page 199 - THE gentry to the King's Head, The nobles to the Crown, The knights unto the Golden Fleece, And to the Plough the clown. The church-man to the Mitre, The shepherd to the Star, The gardener hies him to the Rose, To the Drum...

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