A new guide to Blenheim palace. To which is added an account of the borough of Woodstock

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Page 10 - Vanbrugh , and is a good example of his heavy though imposing style (*Lie heavy on him, Earth, for he Laid many a heavy load on thee"), with a Corinthian portico in the centre and two projecting wings.
Page 58 - Bavarians, Near the Village of Blenheim, On the Banks of the Danube, By JOHN DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH, The Hero, not only of his Nation, but of his Age ; Whose Glory was equal in the Council and in the...
Page 63 - The French assembled all their Force. They marched towards the Town. The Duke of Marlborough offered them battle, without suspending the Siege. They abandoned the Enterprise. They came to save the Town : They were Spectators of its Fall. " From this Conquest the Duke hastened to others. The Posts taken by the Enemy on the Schelde were surprised.
Page 72 - Oh Fortune ! how thy restless wavering state Hath fraught with cares my troubled wit, Witness this present prison, whither fate Could bear me, and the joys I quit. Thou...
Page 9 - August, in every year, for ever the inheritors of his grace's honours and titles, should render at Windsor to her majesty, her heirs and successors, one standard, or colours, with three fleur-de-lis painted thereon, as an acquittance for all manner of rents, suits and services due to the crown.
Page 36 - Chapel is rendered of minor importance to the gigantic Monument to the Duke of Marlborough, by RYSBRACH, which occupies nearly the whole of one side. It comprises colossal statues of the first Duke and Duchess, and their two sons, attended by Fame and History, the latter of which appears to have inscribed on a tablet, TO THE MEMORY OF JOHN DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH AND HIS TWO SONS HIS DUCHESS HAS ERECTED THIS MONUMENT IN THE YEAR OF CHRIST MDCCXXXIII. On the base is a BASSO RELIEVO, representing the capture...
Page 60 - With the other, the Duke gave Battle to the united strength of France and Bavaria. On the second day of August, one thousand seven hundred and four. He gained a ' more glorious Victory than the Histories of any Age can boast. The heaps of slain were dreadful Proofs of his Valour ; a Marshal of France, whole Legions of French, his Prisoners, proclaimed his Mercy.
Page 68 - The general arrangement of the campaign, and the disposition which he made in the day of battle : the choice of ground ; his composure and presence of mind in the heat of an engagement ; his improvement of victory, and his ready expedients under bad fortune — for a defeat he never knew — were all evidences of such a diversity of talent, and such a stupendous pitch of military genius, as never were surpassed by those of the greatest commanders in ancient or modern times. FROM the commanding situation...
Page 63 - They neglected nothing to repair their Loss, to defend their frontier. New Generals, new Armies appeared in the Netherlands. All contributed to enhance the Glory, none were able to retard the Progress of the Confederate Armies.
Page 72 - Thou causedest the guiltie to be losed From bandes, wherein are innocents inclosed : Causing the guiltles to be straite reserved, And freeing those that death hath well deserved But by her envie can be nothing wroughte, So God send to my foes all they have thoughte.

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